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8 Years After the Leap – Interview with Victor Mataraso of Reliable Receptionist

1) How did you get started? What is your unique story?

From a young age, I was constantly coming up with entrepreneurial ideas and starting various ventures – paperboy, disc-jockey, online merchant of kids’ furniture, and even residential rehab (flipping houses when it was hot). Despite my entrepreneurial tendencies though, I spent the first 15 years of my career as an employee. I donned the suit and tie then made the daily trek to The City.

I hesitated making the leap from the corporate world because I didn’t know exactly what business I wanted to focus on. Eventually, I realized I couldn’t spend my life waiting for that one lightning bolt idea to strike. Instead, I picked a few areas of interest, did some solid market research, developed a business plan, and jumped in with both feet.

Nearly 8 years later, I am grateful I had the courage to do so. There are many times when going it alone means harder work for less pay, but for those of us that want to do it “my way,” there is no substitute for the independence and potential rewards of being in business for yourself … even if it’s still a work in progress.


2) What scope of services does Reliable Receptionist offer?

Reliable Receptionist offers a highly personalized, off-site telephone reception and appointment scheduling service. We answer our clients’ business phone calls at our Walnut Creek location, assist their callers as they’ve trained us to do, then privately announce and seamlessly connect only the calls they want back to them on any phone number. The process works so seamlessly that callers feel as though were sitting right at our clients’ front office.


3) Do you have any upcoming events/promotions/webinars?

Our sister company, Laptop Lounge, hosts numerous monthly events in Walnut Creek for business education, networking and socializing. As far as Reliable Receptionist goes, we’d be happy to offer a $50 discount on setup for any new clients referred by Sum of All Numbers!


4) What is a recent success story you would like to share?

We hear from our clients all the time about the substantial impact we have on their business. What comes to mind recently is an Attorney client of ours who posted on Yelp, “Reliable Receptionist has been fantastic for my business! As an attorney with a small but growing law office, I am not able to handle the volume of my calls on my own. So Reliable Receptionist handles all my incoming calls, signs up potential clients with consultations, puts clients on my calendar, returns calls for me, and the best thing is, they can do it in both English and Spanish! When I signed up with Reliable Receptionist, my take home income doubled! I haven’t back since! I would strongly recommend their service to any business.”