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Bookkeeping Mountain View

Want to avoid the hassle of hiring and managing a bookkeeper in Mountain View? Sum of All Numbers will streamline your process and manage your books with professional service to suit your needs. Trips to the accountant will soon be simple and painless, as your accounts will already be organized. And you will always have the financial information you need at your fingertips.

Financial Records for Business

Financial records we handle:

    • Check stubs
    • Deposit slips
    • Statements
    • Revenue sheets
    • 1099 Forms
    • Other records

Reliable Financial Records Via Client Account Teams

Each of our clients is assigned a Client Account Team, ensuring that the work we do is timely, informed, and accurate. We’ll have a personal knowledge of your situation, and if one member of the team is unavailable, another member will be able to step in, and get you the information you need when you need it.

    • Client Account Manager – Your point of contact, advocate and advisor
    • Clerk – Performs routine bookkeeping and data entry
    • Controller – Insures accuracy and completeness of financial statements

Customized Bookkeeping Services

We customize our bookkeeping services to suit your needs. Select the services you need and give us a call, and we will give you a proposal for only the services you need. Call (888) 564-5777  for a complimentary quote.

    • QuickBooks Services
    • Financial Coaching
    • Virtual CFO
    • 1099 Reporting Filing , including the required 1096 form.
    • Financial Growth Assistance
    • Purchase Receipts Scanning
    • Sales Tax Reporting

QuickBooks Services for Small and Medium Business

We provide QuickBooks services for small businesses from QuickBooks consultations, to QuickBooks tech support to remote access QuickBooks hosting with My Accounting Cloud from Trapp Online.

We also use QuickBooks to establish virtual CFO services for entrepreneurs and small business clients.

Financial Coaching for Small and Medium Businesses

We also offer financial coaching for small and medium Mountain View businesses. Services include:

    • Bill Payment
    • Weekly download of banking transactions
    • Additional financial analysis – Including budgets, budget analysis or debt reduction
    • Weekly Cash Flow Management
    • Payroll Services
    • Invoicing – Email invoices monthly to your clients (regular mail service available for clients using QuickBooks Bill Pay)

“I understand where I have costs that I can reduce, where I have things that are out of whack and percentages that change…” Ron Witherspoon, Owner, First Street Alehouse

Financial Growth Assistance

We’ll help you develop the internal control processes, cash management systems, and budgets needed for your business to grow and prosper in Mountain View.

Purchase Receipts Scanning

We’ll scan your business receipts to create the paperless office of your dreams. We’ll make sure all IRS requirements are met with scanned documents available in PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, or digital image format, sorted by date.