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Bookkeeping Palo Alto

Sum of All Numbers is here for you with expert bookkeeping services for your Palo Alto business so that you can focus on growing your business. We’ll manage your financial record keeping, maintenance, as well as filing so that you don’t have to.

Our bookkeeping services save time and money, lower accountants’ fees (by ensuring you are as prepared as possible before meeting), reduce frustration, and help you make informed financial decisions.

“Sum of All Numbers is absolutely a good value.” Dr. Fred Pockrass, Owner, Transcendentist

Financial Records for Business

We will organize financial records to help you run a tight ship, minimizing current and future tax liabilities. We handle:

    • Check stubs
    • Deposit slips
    • Statements
    • Revenue sheets
    • 1099 Forms
    • Other records

“Working with Sum of All Numbers saves me time, energy and a boatload of frustration going through the numbers.” Corinne Phipps, Owner, Urban Darling

“I think it is money well spent not having to deal with all the paperwork.” Ron Witherspoon, Owner, First Street Alehouse

Reliable Financial Records Via Client Account Teams

We match each client with a Client Account Team, so that if one team member is out of action, the rest of the team can quickly solve your problem or get you the information you need.

•  Client Account Manager – Your point of contact, advocate and advisor
•  Clerk – Performs routine bookkeeping and data entry
•  Controller – Insures accuracy and completeness of financial statements

Count on expert, friendly and responsive service from your Client Account Team. We are here for you.

Customized Bookkeeping Services

We offer customized bookkeeping services to our clients in Palo Alto. Choose from the menu of bookkeeping and accounting services below. We’ll prepare a proposal for only the services you require. Call 1-888-564-5777 today for a complimentary quote.

    • QuickBooks Services
    • Financial Coaching
    • Virtual CFO
    • 1099 Reporting
    • Financial Growth Assistance
    • Purchase Receipts Scanning
    • Sales Tax Reporting

QuickBooks Services for Small and Medium Business

We offer QuickBooks services for small and medium sized businesses, including consultation, tech support, and remote access QuickBooks hosting. For more information, have a look at the QuickBooks® Services page.

Financial Coaching for Small and Medium Businesses

•  Bank reconciliations for each bank account
•  Statement of assets, liabilities and owner’s capital
•  Profit and Loss (P&L) statement
•  Sales Receipts entry – Identify best selling products and services and make informed decisions
•  Your Executive Financial Coach works one-on-one with you to analyze your company’s financial health during a monthly, 30-minute phone call

“I understand where I have costs that I can reduce, where I have things that are out of whack and percentages that change; it’s very handy to have accurate financial information.” Ron Witherspoon, Owner, First Street Alehouse

Virtual CFO

•  Bill Payment
•  Weekly download of banking transactions
•  Additional financial analysis – Including budgets, budget analysis or debt reduction
•  Weekly Cash Flow Management
•  Payroll Services
•  Invoicing – Email invoices monthly to your clients (regular mail service available for clients using QuickBooks Bill

1099 Reporting for Small and Medium Businesses

We will prepare and file your 1099, including the required 1096 Form to the IRS. The client is responsible for providing w9 forms and other forms needed for filing with the IRS, either by mail, or electronically.

Financial Growth Assistance

Sum of All Numbers helps you create and implement the right financial growth strategy for your business to grow and prosper. It includes:

•  Analysis and implementation of your internal control processes
•  Examination of cash management systems and processes
•  Establishment and monitoring of budgets

Purchase Receipts Scanning

We also mange the scanning of purchase receipts so that you can have the paperless office you’ve always wanted. We’ll scan the documents and send them back to you as pdf, excel, word, html, or digital image format, sorted by date, in a manner that conforms to IRS requirements, without cluttering your filing cabinets.

Sales Tax Reporting for Small and Medium Businesses

•  Monthly estimate report
•  Quarterly report
•  Online payment to Franchise Tax Board

For Sum of All Numbers to process your sales tax form, you must either be a virtual CFO client, or must provide us with your sales report for the sales tax period.