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Small Business Bookkeeping Pleasanton, CA

Business Office Bookkeeping

With a growing dentist office in Pleasanton, CA, it can mean you are continuously catering to the requests of your clients and know the importance of great business bookkeeping. We understand the complexities of the dental profession and have the knowledge to get your bookkeeping work done effectively and quickly, leaving you free to focus on your patients and dentistry. We provide a team approach: a group of specialists will be assigned to you and get to know you personally. They will be available for your every need as well as to answer any questions that may arise. Call us to see why more small business offices in Pleasanton, CA use us in their growing practices.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Not all small businesses in Pleasanton, CA need every service we provide. We will put together a free proposal that only includes the dental bookkeeping services your practice will require, including managing:

    • Check stubs and deposit slips
    • Access to QuickBooks
    • Cash management
    • CFO Services
    • Revenue slips and statements
    • Payroll
    • 1099 forms
    • And so much more!

Why Business Offices Choose Sum of All Numbers

Small business offices prefer to work with us because of the professionals we have on our staff. Clients also often refer others to us because:

    • Accounting—We know proper accounting procedures and are familiar with dental offices’ specific needs.
    • Growth—Dentists are able to focus on their practices, allowing their businesses to grow.
    • Decisions—We are timely and make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.
    • Money—We will help you save money, first by reducing your accounting fees.

Sum of All Numbers Serves Growing Practices Like Yours

We have helped many small businesses grow and focus more on caring for their customers. Check out which ones we have helped and what their opinions are of us by downloading the Transcendentist Case Study.

Customized Bookkeeping Services Learn more about our dental bookkeeping services in Pleasanton, CA by contacting us today.