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Business Office Bookkeeping Pleasanton, CA

Small Business Office Bookkeeping Pleasanton

If your business office in Pleasanton is successful, that means you are constantly catering to the needs of your clients and undoubtedly know the value and importance of good business office bookkeeping. We at Sum of All Numbers know the intricacies of the dental profession and have the expertise to get your bookkeeping work done quickly and accurately, leaving your office free to practice dentistry. We practice the team approach, providing you with a group of specialists who know you and will always be available to meet your needs. Contact us and find out why more business offices in Pleasanton are using the Sum of All Numbers in their successful practices.

Business Bookkeeping Services

Not all practices in Pleasanton need all the services we provide at Sum of All Numbers. So we can put together a free proposal that will include only those services your dental practice requires. This can include processing:

    • Deposit slips and check stubs
    • Statements and revenue slips
    • Payroll
    • CFO Services
    • 1099 forms
    • Cash flow management
    • Round the clock access to QuickBooks
    • And more!

Why Small Business Offices Choose Sum of All Numbers

There are any number of reasons business offices prefer to work with the professionals at Sum of All Numbers. Our clients often refer us to others because:

    • Accounting – We know not only the proper accounting procedures, but are familiar with the specific needs of dental offices.
    • Growth – Our service allows dentists to concentrate on their practice and open themselves to more growth.
    • Decisions – With our timely and accurate consultations and financial statements, you’ll have the wherewithal to make more informed decisions about your business.
    • Money – We can help you save money, beginning with reducing accountant’s fees.

Sum of All Numbers Serves Growing Practices Like Yours

Find out about small businesses we have helped and what their opinions are of our services by downloading Transcendentist Case Study.

Learn how Customized Bookkeeping Services can improve your Pleasanton dental practice. Contact us at 1-888-564-5777 for a free quote.