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Business Office Bookkeeping Walnut Creek

As experts in business office bookkeeping, Sum of All Numbers has a team approach so that you always have the information you need for your busy dental practice in Walnut Creek, CA. We have the technical know how to make sure that you get the most out of your accounting software, minimizing interruptions as well as trips to the accountant. We make it easier for you to focus on growing your business by taking the stress out of bookkeeping. Reach out to Sum of All Numbers, and grow your dental practice.

Small Business Practice Bookkeeping Services

It’s important to have all the tools you need at your disposal so that you can focus on your business as a whole. We are happy to mix and match our business bookkeeping services to best fit your needs, creating a truly customized solution for your dental practice in Walnut Creek, CA. We offer a range of bookkeeping services that are suited to dental practices:

  •   Check stubs
  •   Deposit slips
  •   Statements
  •   Revenue sheets
  •   Payroll
  •   CFO Services
  •   Cash Flow Management
  •   1099 Forms
  •   Other records
  •   Anytime, Anywhere Access to QuickBooks

Why Business Offices Choose Sum of All Numbers

  • Small Business Experience – We know practice accounting
    “Sum of All Numbers is a joy to work with. They take the headache out of dental office bookkeeping.”
    Dr. Fred Pockrass, Owner, Transcendentist; Co-founder, Eco-Dentistry Association
  • More Time to Grow the Practice – Efficient, professional service
    “It lets me focus on what I’m good at.”
  • Informed Decisions – Timely, accurate financial statements and consultations
    “The best thing is it’s more accurate. I can actually see where we’re improving as we go,”
  • Save Money – Competitive rates and amazing service
    “What we pay per month is the same but we’re getting a higher level of service.”
  • Reduce Accountants’ Fees – They’ll love the books we send them
    “Because the books are in better shape our accountants bill less time. We’re saving 20%.”
  • Reduce Frustration and Stress – Accurate and complete statements and reports
    “Working with Sum of All Numbers saves me time, energy and a boatload of frustration.”
  • Fewer Interruptions and Delays – Remote access keeps us out of your way
    “They use QuickBooks to the maximum extent. And, they do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt our business. That’s a huge benefit.”
  • Smooth Year-end – Enjoy the holidays
    “I knew from Sum of All Numbers’ excellent email communication that they were keeping on top of accounts. As a result, our year-end process is smooth and painless with no hair pulling.”
  • QuickBooks Experts – So you don’t have to be
    ”Sum of All Numbers is very skilled with all aspects of QuickBooks and electronic communication.”
  • Partners in Success – Your success is our goal
    “Sum of All Numbers is a joy to work with. I feel like they are partners in the success of my business.”

Sum of All Numbers serves growing practices like yours:

To read more about a small business that has been helped by Sum of All Numbers, download the Transcendentist Case Study.

Customized Bookkeeping Services

Learn More about Bookkeeping Services. Call 1-888-564-5777 today for a complimentary quote.