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Dental Bookkeeping Services

Smiles All Around

With a busy dental practice to grow, you don’t have time to worry about bookkeeping. Reduce interruptions and stress by working with a personal and tech-savvy bookkeeping service that gets dental. Let Sum of All Numbers perform all of your financial record keeping with a smile.

Why Dental Offices Choose Sum of All Numbers

  • Dental Office Experience – We understand practice accounting
    “Sum of All Numbers is a joy to work with. They take the headache out of dental office bookkeeping.”
    Dr. Fred Pockrass, Owner, Transcendentist; Co-founder, Eco-Dentistry Association
  • More Time to Grow the Practice – Efficient, professional service
    “It lets me focus on what I’m good at.”
  • Informed Decisions – Timely, accurate financial statements and consultations
    “The best thing is it’s more accurate. I can actually see where we’re improving as we go,”
  • Save Money – Competitive rates and mind-blowing service
    “What we pay per month is the same but we’re getting a higher level of service.”
  • Reduce Accountants’ Fees – They’ll love what we send them
    “Because the books are in better shape our accountants bill less time. We’re saving 20%.”
  • Reduce Frustration and Stress – Accurate and complete statements and reports
    “Working with Sum of All Numbers saves me time, energy and a boatload of frustration.”
  • Fewer Interruptions and Delays – Remote access keeps us out of your way
    “They use QuickBooks to the maximum extent. And, they do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt our business. That’s a huge benefit.”
  • Smooth Year-end – Enjoy the holidays
    “I knew from Sum of All Numbers’ excellent email communication that they were keeping on top of accounts. As a result, our year-end process is smooth and painless with no hair pulling.”
  • QuickBooks Experts – So you don’t have to be
    ”Sum of All Numbers is very skilled with all aspects of QuickBooks and electronic communication.”
  • Partners in Success – Your success is our goal
    “Sum of All Numbers is a joy to work with. I feel like they are partners in the success of my business.”


Dental Bookkeeping Services

  •   Check stubs
  •   Deposit slips
  •   Statements
  •   Revenue sheets
  •   Payroll
  •   CFO Services
  •   Cash Flow Management
  •   1099 Forms
  •   Other records
  •   Anytime, Anywhere Access to QuickBooks


Sum of All Numbers serves growing practices like yours:

  • Transcendentist

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Customized Bookkeeping Services

Learn More about Bookkeeping Services. Call 1-888-564-5777 today for a complimentary quote.