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Important News That May Help You to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Taxes

Each year, Sum of All Numbers does everything possible to save you additional taxes by keeping informed on the latest and best available options for tax deductions. After this year’s research, we feel that those of you who qualify should be enrolled in a Section 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). This HRA Plan enables you to take your family’s medical expenses as a business tax deduction.

Due to the complexities and the ever-changing healthcare reform requirements resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), we have made the decision to work with Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC), a national third-party benefits administrator, to help keep these deductions. We think it’s worth it for you to check out as well.

Total Administrative Services Corporation has been in the employee benefits industry for over 40 years and specializes in implementing HRA Plans. Their products, AgriPlanNOW and BizPlanNOW, ensure that your HRA is compliant and will continue to allow you to deduct 100% of your family medical costs for federal and FICA tax purposes. Having TASC as the administrator of your HRA also offers you the following benefits:


  • Continuously updated Plan Documents that comply with new and changing Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) requirements
  • Complete compliance with IRS, Department of Labor, and ERISA
  • Industry exclusive Audit and Money Back Guarantees
  • A TASC debit card allowing for easy payment and tracking of medical expenses

If you are interested, our representative is Todd Kuehn. Direct Line: 608-268-8875
Cell:602-690-3175  http:\www.tasconline.com

Check out this great video for more information: