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Let’s Talk About Tech – 3 Tips for Increasing Your Security

At Sum of All Numbers we have a large team and process a high volume of sensitive information for our clients. In order to do this with peace of mind we are invested in a high level of technical security that smaller bookkeeping shops may not have in place.

From our experience here are 3 suggestions for protecting your information:

1. Increase the security of your Wi-Fi network with WPA2 encryption. Also, review your passcode to make sure it is complex and long to prevent hacking.

2. Consider using Cloud Based computing services. An estimated 800,000 laptops are stolen or lost in airports every year.

3. Check in with employees and financial partners to be sure they are up to date with company security policies.

Many ways to secure your information.

Many ways to secure your information.

For a free Network Assessment & suggestions on ways to improve your technical security visit AMB Computer Services. To learn more about cloud application hosting visit the Trapp Online page.

We have a high commitment to security, but why else to people enjoy working with the team? Here are some more reasons why our clients love our team. Want to talk about ways to get and keep your company’s financials on track? Give us a call at 888-564-5777