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Would You Rather…?

A refreshing drink with your loved one while watching the sun set



spending another evening pouring over your bank accounts in the hopes more money came in than went out.


Instead of staying up another night anxiously working to reconcile your bank account, wouldn’t it be better to have the reports already in your inbox?

Most bookkeeping firms promise to decrease stress business owners have from doing their own bookkeeping, we guarantee it.

We can help and will only mention three little words: Cash Flow Management

1. Managing flow of incoming cash

You love what you do and the people that you do business with, mostly. However, there are always the clients accounts that get behind and can be tempting but costly to write off. One of the services we offer, as your outsourced account department, is getting the collection cycle on a regular schedule. Sometimes a lapse in payment from your client can signal a need for a review in bookkeeping procedures, have them contact us. All businesses need to set clear expectations of payment terms for their clients in order to support their continued growth.

2.Staying up to date on bill payments

Another side of cash flow management is making sure you stay up to date on paying your vendors. Our internally certified client account managers partner with clients to establish a system for bill processing to decrease cash flow uncertainty. Paying attention to this aspect of the business improves relationships with vendors while decreasing the anxiety from outstanding checks.

3. Regular reconciliation of Balance Sheet & Timely Communication

Lastly, but equally important, is having access to reports that show the real-time position of the company. Some companies have a very cyclical nature to the cash flow in their business, and need to know current and forecasted information to make the best decisions to get through the slim times. With an outsourced accounting department those reports are delivered on a predetermined schedule, so decision makers can review performance, ask us questions, and sufficiently prepare for growth planning sessions.

Curious to know what it would take to get and keep your books in order? We even make it easy to get in touch!