Profit First and Strategic Growth Strategy Consulting

You’ve read the book but you’re not sure what to do first…. or second…. or next.  We get it!
You love your current bookkeeper and don’t need Sum of All Numbers to step in and take over that function.  We get it!
You just need a Profit First Expert to listen to you and walk you through your business.  We get it!


You asked for it and now WE’VE GOT IT!
Sign up now for 12 private sessions with our Master Level Certified Profit First Consultant.  Each session is a full hour of personalized time to review where you are in your business, where you want to go, and how to get there.  PLUS 12 group sessions with other business owners and our Master Level Certified Profit First Consultant.  Group sessions are the first Friday of every month at 11:00 am Pacific Time via zoom.  Private sessions are scheduled at your convenience and can be spread over a year or consolidated into a shorter time period depending upon your objectives.
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What does that mean exactly?    It means…

  • To confidently know what to pay yourself…and keep a shred of self-respect because you can do so without compromising your team members
  • To identify the black holes in your business and ditching the mentality that keeps you throwing money into them…without resorting to weird mantras, day drinking and getting all awkward about it
  • To sit directly across from your spouse…and maintain eye contact with them as you discuss your financial situation.
  • Being able to notice blind spots in your business financial management processes, and creating clarity instead of confusion


Summed up…

It means being in a position to grow and scale your business without working more, paying your taxes without the sweaty pit-stains of old, and actually paying yourself by the time the next season of Game of Thrones finally goes live.

All of the above is what you want.


Now…here’s what we want.

We want you to sit across from a bank manager and have the funding for your next venture be a no-brainer.

We want you to pay yourself and your team on a regular basis without shouldering more debt.

We want your kick-butt, high-revenue business to finally start paying its way…instead of sucking you dry.

See for years I let my business run me.  I let it dictate the long, long (long) hours I worked.  It told me how much and to whom I could give money. It screamed that I needed to re-invest every little scrap into its hungry mouth before I was “permitted” to pay myself. It whispered to not bother looking at my lonely, despicable bank account…because there was nothing to see there anyway.


All I’m saying is this:

The PROFIT you MAKE is what directly impacts your life. The profit you make is what directly impacts your LIFE. At least, it should. And it will.  With the Profit First Bootcamp.

So, If running the most profitable business possible is something you hadn’t really considered before, but it’s an idea you WANT to get behind…

Here’s how I can help you make that happen. Sign up for or Profit First Bootcamp for Health & Wellness businesses today!


The bootcamp is only $1797 if prepaid, or $497 and 6 manageable monthly payments of $250/month if spread out.

For any questions or to RSVP, please call our office at 888-564-5777.


P.S. Joining our Bootcamp also means joining an elite, tight-knit tribe of 6- and 7-figure business owners who’ve made the leap to running a profitable, sustainable business and haven’t looked back. People like Emily Taylor and Cheryl Blain…

“Profit First gave me the tools to know what I can afford and when I can afford it, without having to understand accounting principles. Without the bootcamp, I don’t think I ever would have been organized enough to get started. I cannot recommend it highly enough!” ~ Emily Taylor, Chicago 

“I am actually giddy and laughing out loud! I feel like we are making real progress. It may sound corny, but I have real tears in my eyes because I feel supported! Really, truly, honestly, efficiently, and competently supported!!!! Having you in my court means the world to me. Truly really, I appreciate you beyond words.” ~ Cheryl R. Blain | California