A Day with Michelle: Unlock Your Business Potential

Running a Business is no Small Feat

Many business owners struggle to streamline their processes, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Challenges arise, strategies need refinement, and financial decisions can make or break growth. If you find yourself overwhelmed by these chanllenges, it’s time to take action.

Spend a Day with Michelle

Introducing “A Day with Michelle” – a transformative experience where you can spend a full day (8 hours) with Michelle Scribner, the esteemed CEO of Sum of All Numbers. Michelle brings a mastery level of profit-first training and deep expertise in leadership dynamics that can reshape your whole business trajectory.

Michelle will analyze your business from various angles and provide personalized recommendations. This isn’t just a consultation – it’s a deep dive into your company’s inner workings. Beyond financial insights, Michelle will explore your team’s dynamics to craft a tailored approach directly applicable to your unique business environment.

What You'll Get

  • Professional CFO Insights: Michelle’s expertise will be at your disposal for a full day. With experience as the professional CFO of over 30 companies, she’s ready to guide you toward financial success.
  • Cohesive Forward Approach: Collaborate with Michelle to create a comprehensive business management and financial strategy, ensuring your company’s growth and success.
  • Tailored Solutions: Benefit from personalized strategies that align with the profit-first approach, setting you on a trajectory of financial growth. Gain expert insights and problem-solving techniques tailored to your business’s distinct needs.
  • Leadership Integration:Michelle won’t just focus on numbers; she will make sure that your leadership approach is an integral part of propelling your company forward.  Analysis of your leadership team with complete assessments and strategic approaches for creating a cohesive core to the future of your company.


Payroll icon

"A Day with Michelle" is priced at $5000.

 This fee includes a full 8-hour session with Michelle at your office location in the USA. Please note that travel costs are additional.


A: Michelle will join you at your office anywhere in the USA.

A: Currently, “A Day with Michelle” is available for offices within the USA. We’re continuously exploring options to expand our reach.

A: Absolutely. Michelle’s versatile experience spans various industries, ensuring valuable insights for your business.

A: Absolutely! “A Day with Michelle” caters to businesses of all sizes seeking growth strategies.

A: At the moment, “A Day with Michelle” caters only to in-person sessions to provide the most personalized experience.

A: Booking is easy. Simply click the button below and follow the instructions to book your session.

A: Sure! You can send us a message and we’ll get back to you by clicking