What People Are Saying!

Paul R. Smoking Pig BBQ San Jose, CA & Fremont CA “Best business decision I have ever made. Not cheap, but pretty darn worth it. And less expensive than some others. Professional, knowledgeable, responsive and pleasant. Who could ask for more? Kudos to Sum Of All Numbers. “

Oliver M. Pixelberry Studios Mountain View CA ” Over the years, I’ve learned that one key to start-up success is staying focused. For my second start-up, Pixelberry Studios, we relied on Sum of All Numbers to take care of our expense and book keeping needs. By outsourcing these functions to them, our team had more time to focus on creating great games. Some of All Numbers was very reliable and with their support we grew from a small start-up into a multi-million dollar company with a Top 50 app. Whether you have a small business, a start-up, or a more established company, I’d recommending working with Sum of All Numbers.”

Linda P. Pharmacist, San Jose CA ” I have been with Sum of All Numbers for a few years and have been extremely satisfied with their service. They are a virtual bookkeeping company and have advanced technology tools to retrieve your bank and credit card statements securely. Amy is one of their QuickBooks professional and bookkeeper and she has an excellent eye for details as evident by my thorough quickbooks transactions reconciliation. She is easily accessible by phone and email. If you are a new business or in need of a new bookkeeper, you must try Sum of All Numbers. You will not be disappointed!”

Raj G. Candyopolis, Pleasanton CA ” Sum of All Numbers (SOAN) is a great bookkeeping company staffed by numerous skilled Quickbooks professionals. As a small company with 10+ P & L centers they kept up with our books accurately and mostly on time for the past 24 months. Their rates are reasonable, the assigned bookkeepers are easily accessible who provide a courteous and professional service. We wish them all the best and recommend them to any small business.”

Fostering Media, San Francisco, CA ” We are very happy with the services Sum of All Numbers (SOAN) provides! SOAN is a great bookkeeping company that helps with all our financials and more. They are prompt and professional. We like how they are so easily accessible by phone and responds pretty quickly via email. Susan is our point person and I love working with her. She’s on top of everything and if there’s something we don’t understand she breaks down the information and explains. They are GREAT and I would highly recommend them!”

Jason T A&B Computers San Ramone, CA “I like Sum of All Numbers so much that I refer them to all my clients. My company works with a variety of businesses both small and large and Sum of All Numbers is a great value to my clients. They’re professional and they provide a range of services that my clients need, payroll, bookkeeping, virtual CFO services….it’s priceless.”

Lara W. Oakland, CA ” Sum of All Numbers is an invaluable part of my small business. I run a really busy landscaping company and they do all of my bookkeeping and payroll. Their services have been amazing and their response time is impeccable. The best part (besides Holly and her slew of skilled professionals) is that the services are “on the cloud”. I can access my QuickBooks and payroll from anywhere! No more old fashioned copies or problems with sharing my files. It is truly amazing. Thank you Holly and your team! I couldn’t be happier.”

Matthew A. Turbo Social Media Newport Beach, CA ” I’ve been using Sum of All Numbers for bookkeeping for my 2 companies for over 4 years now. Not only are their prices reasonable, but the service is excellent, and they really know their stuff. As a business owner I know the importance of keeping books correctly for planning and tax purposes, but really don’t know the specifics in’s and outs of it. They not only educated me on what was important to know, but make sure to ask me when they don’t know how to categorize an expense. Best of all, its flat rate, so I know how much I’m paying. They do a great job and keep my expensive CPA’s bills down to a minimum each tax season. Highly Recommended!