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Want to start a career with Sum of All Numbers?

So, you are interested in working with our AMAZING team of people at Sum of All Numbers?  We are excited to hear from you and learn about how our team will grow with you.

…but there is something you should know.

We LOVE experience, knowledge, and DRIVE as much as any other employer out there, but we’ve got to confess that we hire great people for their attitude and core values above all other skills!

Our 10 core values are everything to our team and we mean EVERYTHING. If needed, we will happily train the right individuals to positions that cater to his/her strengths.  It’s our way of keeping our company strong through team-building and power-positioning. It is how we help our employees become the best possible version of themselves, and how our employees make Sum of All Numbers a continually growing, TOP 100 Accounting firm in the country!

The 10 Core Values of Sum of All Numbers:

  1. Only “A” relationships
  2. Constant and never ending improvement
  3. Dig Deeper
  4. Choose The Right

Our hiring process is founded upon our 4 Core Values listed on the left. These values combined with a positive attitude mean everything to us and are central to our success.

Before proceeding to the application below, please take a look at yourself and ask, “Am I in TOTAL alignment with these Core Values above?”

No really, look at the list above again.  Consider what each one means to you.  Hint: We will ask you in your interview.

If your answer is still “YES,” then we could be a good match and team.

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