Profit First Full Assessment

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We'll Check Your Business' Health

Receive a complete Profit First Business Health Check & Rollout Plan, an in-depth look at the financial health of your company, and how to reach full profitability as outlined and described in Mike’s book “Profit First.” The standard cost is $1,497 but we are offering the program to THIS GROUP ONLY for $497.


What’s included?

  1. Discovery Meeting to discuss your business in general – the journey that brought you to this point, your personal goals and behaviors – and to identify any friction in running your business.
  2. A complete written report analyzing your historical financial data as it relates to the principles of Profit First and your Profit First Rollout Plan.
  3. An online meeting to review in detail the Business Health Check and Rollout Plan that takes into account your business’ unique characteristics.
  4. Personal coaching and walk-through of your first transfers and guidance for reaching prosperity.
Profit First Business Health Check and Rollout plan

An exclusive offer for the Ask The Profit First Professionals Facebook Group

Original price –  $1,497


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