How Your Business Can be Successful (VIDEO)

Listen about how Profit First and the Pumpkin Plan’s strategies can help you elevate your business and take it to the next level.

When I was in college, I decided to do a deep dive to see what the common denominator was for successful business owners – throughout history and in the current – and I realized that every single one of them had two things in common (and it didn’t matter if it was the railroad, stock market, real estate, or law industries that made them wealthy).  The two things they had in common were – Successful Business Owners knew exactly where every single penny went – down to the penny, and they had a clear and distinct vision

Realizing that has changed my life especially while serving businesses for the past few decades.

In this presentation, I want you to really think about your business and if you can answer those two questions – Do you have a clear and very distinct mission or the purpose of why you’re in business, and, Where does every single penny go? If you can answer “yes” to those questions, you have overcome a huge mountain in making yourself successful going forward. Now, tuning in to those two things.

When we talk about having a mission, it’s a matter of saying “Why am I in business? What is it that I want  to fulfill?” Here at Sum of All Numbers, our mission is “Driving Entrepreneurs Toward Financial Peace”, and everything that we do has to meet that criterion.  If it doesn’t, then we don’t incorporate it in our business.

As business owners, we are distracted by shiny new objects, but we’re also distracted by saying “we want to be everything for all of our clients. We are really, really good at what we’re doing, so we can be doing a lot of things”.  That doesn’t lead to success.  Our clear and distinct mission statement is what keeps us on track and makes sure that we don’t get sidetracked in spreading ourselves too thin and of not having the right profitability and all of those pieces. I want to share with you a couple of things;  We here at Sum of All Numbers have really looked into the different ways of doing business and how we can best support you as you go forward in your business. I will never be an expert in the business you’re an expert in, but what I’m an expert in is in the principles, philosophies, and financial methods used in putting all those pieces together. We have jumped on the Mike Michalowicz bandwagon, part of it is because he’s so much fun, but mainly because he just makes sense of everything and makes sound business principles easy to remember.

Watch the full lesson here:

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