The Three Plans You Need to Make For Your Business

The Three Plans You Need to Make For Your Business

Just a few weeks ago, if somebody asked us where we would be at the beginning of April, we never would have imagined that this is exactly where we would be.

And life is upside down not just for our families and first individually, but also for our businesses; and this is across the entire world and with uncertainty ahead of us, not just with the COVID-19 virus, but also with the impending recession, depression, or whatever might happen next.

There is a lot of uncertainty and what we want to share with you right now is that it’s time to make a plan. And if you haven’t sat down and made a plan, it is time for you to do that for your business. And it’s not just a matter of sitting down and thinking about it – it’s writing.

There’s power in putting it in writing and (communicating) it. I want you to make three plans.

The first one is going to be your cash flow.

For some of you, the cash flows completely come to a halt. For others, it’s booming and out of the roof. Wherever you might be in your cash flow, it’s time to sit down and say how much do we have to make on a daily basis in order to break even.

How much do we have in the bank before we have to just completely shut down for forever. Or what are we going to do to continue this cash flow? So, that’s the first plan to make.

The second plan is your strategy – and this is your business plan.

What am I going to do now in order to adjust our business practices? And what am I going to do when the virus is no longer here, when we no longer have to shelter in place, and we can go back to some type of normalcy? What are we going to do if there is a recession? What I’m gonna do if there is a depression?

Write those down at each time that there is a change that you have no control over. How are you and your business going to change as those come into play? Write it down.

The third is your messaging.

You are an authority in your area of business and you want to come across to your clients having empathy for what they’re going through, but also could be authority.

And how are you going to change your message? Have the changes in the world come about as well? And what is that going to take in order to reach out to your tough clients? Whether it’s a sales, whether it’s an email, or a phone call, or your landing page, or in person; whatever it might be.

So right now, get those three plans down in writing. Communicate it to your sales team, communicate it to your team internally, and make a difference. And know the path that you’re gonna be headed on.

We’re here at Sum of All Numbers to help you go through that. Reach out to us at any time. We’ll be happy, happy to help you make those three plans by putting them down on paper so that you are ready and proactive for what is yet to come.

We hope you’re healthy and safe.

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