Why Should You Take Time To Have Lunch With Your Top Clients?

Why Should You Take Time To Have Lunch With Your Top Clients?

Why Should You Take Time To Have Lunch With Your Top Clients?

Most people don’t have time to eat lunch in today’s business world. They’re too busy working on their computers, so they grab a quick sandwich—if they even take the time to eat. But if you run your own company or manage people in other companies, then you know how important it is to take time away from the desk and hear what your clients want from you. Read on to know why you should start taking your top clients to lunch.


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People like to feel appreciated.

You might think that sending thank you cards will do. Being more creative, like taking them out for lunch at their favorite restaurant, will certainly amp up the ante.

You might think that this is an unnecessary expense. But it could be worth it in the long run if your client feels valued and appreciated by you as a person, not just as someone who pays your bills regularly. 


It gives you a chance to solve problems.

Additionally, one of the most important benefits of taking time out to have lunch with your clients is that you get a chance to solve problems. It can be difficult for clients and small business owners to find time during the workday to discuss issues affecting their business. 

You may already be on top of these issues, but you could have missed or overlooked the hectic rush of running a company. Taking them out to lunch allows you to address any problems at their root rather than dealing with them after they’ve grown into bigger issues. 


You get the opportunity to build a better relationship with your client.

Your clients are people, just like you—they have their own lives, schedules, and preferences.

The more time you take to learn about them as individuals, the better chance you have of building a connection that goes beyond a relationship between buyer and seller.

If you want to increase your chances of getting more work from a client, it makes sense to invest in strengthening your bond with them. Having this type of relationship will allow you to ask for favors in the future without feeling awkward about it.

If they trust what you say when you talk with them over lunch, your top clients will become referral sources, leading to new opportunities!


It allows you to discuss work-related topics in a more casual setting.

It can be especially useful when discussing how you can help your clients improve their business or the latest trends in the industry.

You’ll also get an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from them on how they feel about your products or services, what they think would make them better and why, etc.


It may help you learn more about your clients as people, not just as business partners.

It can be amazing how much you can learn from one lunch with a top client. You might discover they are having trouble retaining employees or struggling to keep up with technology and marketing trends. 

You might also hear that they have overcome some major personal challenges or achieved a major milestone in their career (like starting their own company). The possibilities for what you’ll learn during this time are endless!

After lunch with a top client (or two), take time to reflect on what you’ve learned from the experience: 

  • How could I use this information to make my business better? 
  • Is there anything I plan on doing differently due to today’s conversation? 
  • If so, what steps do I need to take next?


Final Word ON The Importance of the Business Lunch

Building a relationship with your top client will help you get more work from them and keep them happy. It can also give you valuable insight into their needs or whether they have problems with your product or service.


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