Recession-Proof Your Business with the Rapid Growth Analysis

Recession-Proof Your Business with the Rapid Growth Analysis

Recession-proofing your business is a critical step toward securing long-term success. With the potential threat of another recession on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to be proactive and take action to protect your business.


In this article, which is part of a series about “Rallying During the Recession“, we’ll be exploring the application of Rapid Growth Analysis to your business, offering practical advice that will help you weather the next economic storm. For additional strategies on how to recession-proof your business, be sure to visit our Learning Center.


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Introduction to the Rapid Growth Analysis

Just as fire requires oxygen to continue burning, fear is fueled by idleness, making it crucial to take action to overcome it. Fear can be a powerful force, but it can be overcome with action. 


Mike Michalowicz’s Rapid Growth Analysis is a highly effective tool that can help business owners take action and overcome fear in the face of potential economic challenges. As a simple and actionable approach to optimizing business operations, the Rapid Growth Analysis allows business owners to identify the key drivers of growth in their companies and develop a plan to achieve their goals.


How It Works

The Rapid Growth Analysis worksheet has two columns: “is working” and “is not working.” These columns are divided into the categories of marketing, sales, product, services, and operations. The primary objective of this analysis is to identify the areas of your business that are driving growth and profitability and those that are not.


You can choose to do the analysis yourself, or you can enlist the help of an outside consultant. According to Michalowicz, using an unbiased consultant would be preferable, as they can provide a neutral perspective. 


After identifying the different aspects of your business, categorize them into “is working” and “is not working” and prioritize the top two or three in each category.


Once you have completed the analysis, it’s time to amplify what’s working and concentrate your efforts in that area. If something is not working, you can either reposition it, test new models, or eliminate it altogether.


The ultimate goal of the Rapid Growth Analysis is to streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and recession proof your business. By taking action to address weaknesses and capitalize on strengths, you are positioning your business for long-term success and growth.



To illustrate the practical application of the Rapid Growth Analysis, let’s consider a hypothetical example of a small retail store owner named Axell.


After completing the analysis, Axell realizes that his marketing efforts, such as in-store promotions and email campaigns, are effectively bringing in new customers. However, his product line is not resonating with customers and not selling as well as he would like.


To address these findings, Axell focuses on amplifying what’s working in his marketing efforts, such as experimenting with new promotions and expanding his email list. At the same time, he could reposition his product line to better meet customer needs or consider phasing it out and focusing on what’s selling well.


By using the Rapid Growth Analysis to prioritize certain areas of his business, Axell is able to improve his operations and be prepared for any potential economic challenges.



As a small business owner, it’s important to recognize the critical role you play in the economy and take steps to ensure the success of your company. That being said, the Rapid Growth Analysis is an extremely useful tool that can help you recession-proof your business.


Don’t let the next wave of fear affect you—take action and download the Rapid Growth Analysis worksheet today. See how it can benefit your business and increase your chances of long-term success.


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